Hornek Hubacek Lichtenstrasser Epler Rechtsanwälte OG

Our aim is clearly defined:
Success for our clients!

Hornek Hubacek Lichtenstrasser Epler Rechtsanwälte OG

Our aim is clearly defined:
Success for our clients!

Attorneys at Law



Since 2021, our firm has an Israel Desk working in constant cooperation with one of the leading law firms in Israel Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Nass, Amit Gross & Co.

שיתוף פעולה

החל משנת 2021, אנו מפעילים במשרדנו דסק ישראל הפועל בשיתוף פעולה רציף עם אחד ממשרדי עורכי הדין המובילים בישראל-דורון, טיקוצקי, קנטור, גוטמן, נס, עמית גרוס ושות’.

Clearly communicated:
We speak German, English, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

Clearly communicated:
We speak German, English, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

Practice Areas

We have profound legal expertise in all areas of civil law. We represent our clients in extra-judicial negotiations and in legal litigation and arbitration proceedings. Furthermore, we draft, review and assess civil law contracts.

We advise employers and employees, especially on the terms of employment contracts, before the Labor Court as well as extrajudicially. As competent partner in labor and social law issues we support our business clients in everyday personnel issues as well as in strategic projects. Moreover, we represent in labor and social security legal court litigation.

We offer specialized legal expertise and long-term experience in the field of marriage, family and domestic relations law. We counsel and represent in divorce, separation and alimony proceedings as well as connected proceedings, such as trespass and criminal proceedings, issues in connection with child custody, visitation rights, child alimony, child abduction, adoption and paternity disputes.

We advise our clients on alternative methods of dispute settlement, such as mediation, and support them in the daily life implementation of the results. Furthermore, we draft and review divorce and separation agreements, settlements or marriage contracts. Our highest objective is to reach a long-term solution with best possible protection of the interests of all involved parties, especially of the children.

Consumer protection law is relevant to our business clients as well as to our private clients. We draft and review contracts with a focus on consumer protection law and represent in consumer protection legal disputes.

With great pleasure, we take on the efficient and secure implementation of your home- or property acquisition, from preparing a draft of the contract up to the incorporation of your property into the land register. In addition to the planning, the drafting of the contract, the land register-related and fiduciary aspects of property acquisition, we also advise our clients in questions related to the property-and construction law, as well as the both, extrajudicial and judicial legal issues concerning tenant-and property law.

We advise our clients on their tort and warranty claims and hereby pay special attention to extrajudicial dispute settlement; however, we also regularly represent our clients in legal litigation.

We support our clients in the enforcement of outstanding accounts, from the reminder up to the judicial assertion as well the enforcement of legally binding judgements.

We advise our business clients on the choice of the right corporate structure as well as on corporate law issues in everyday business. We counsel in complex corporate transactions, especially international acquisition and alienation of undertakings as well as joint ventures. In particular, this comprises the conduction of the legal due diligence, advising on the optimal structure of transactions, drafting of contracts and other documents, and supporting our clients in negotiations and obtaining all necessary approvals.

We advise our clients on all matters of general Commercial Law, Commercial Agent Law and Sales Law especially in the drafting of contracts. We represent our clients in legal litigation in complex economic litigation as well as in arbitration proceedings. The representation of our clients also encompasses a complex economic activity before the Civil Courts and the Courts of arbitration, as well as support in the assertion of verdicts and arbitral awards.

We advise our clients in all matters of trade and plant permit law, apply for plant permits and represent before the competent authorities in trade and plant permit proceedings.

We advise our clients on all issues of intellectual property law, e.g. the enforcement of patents, designs and trademarks, the fight against product piracy as well as on copyright law issues. We offer national and international trademark research and registration as well as legal opinions on copyright law issued to our clients and draft IPR contracts.

We take on your defense before the Criminal Court. This also includes the preparation for the trial as well as the utilization of legal remedies against the verdicts of Criminal Courts. We advocate for your acquittal and in cases of conviction, employ all available legal measures to ensure that the imposed sentence comes out as minimal as possible.

We advise suppliers in the telecommunication sector. Our advisory activities especially comprise drafting of contracts, representation in regulatory and competition authorities, representation before the Austrian supreme courts as well as assessment of general legal issues with respect to telecommunication law. Furthermore, we advise our clients on all matters regarding software licensing agreements and offer legal assistance with respect to the implementation of IT-projects.

We are specialized in the assessment of questions on data protection law. We inform our clients on the preconditions for the lawful use of personal data und provide assistance with respect to regulatory notification and permission duties when using personal data

In order to provide the best possible support to both Israeli clients in Austria and Austrian clients in Israel, we have entered into a permanent cooperation with the renowned Israeli law firm Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Nass, Amit Gross & Co with offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa and more than 100 lawyers. Our lawyers responsible for the Israel Desk have a profound understanding of Israeli corporate and legal culture and advise both Israeli and Austrian clients.

We offer our Israeli clients comprehensive legal advice and representation both in business activities (from the establishment or acquisition of a company, including tax structuring, to the concrete implementation of the operational business) and in personal matters (e.g. applying for Austrian citizenship as a descendant of a Nazi persecution, acquiring real estate, organizing a wedding in Austria, visa matters, etc). We advise our Austrian clients together with our Israeli partner law firm on all legal matters in Israel.

We speak Hebrew.

אנחנו מדברים עברית.

דסק ישראל

על מנת לספק את השירות הטוב ביותר הן ללקוחות ישראלים באוסטריה והן ללקוחות אוסטרים בישראל, אנו עובדים בשיתוף פעולה קבוע עם משרד עורכי הדין הישראלי דורון, טיקוצקי, קנטור, גוטמן, נס, עמית גרוס ושות’ אשר פועל ממשרדים בתל אביב וחיפה ומונה מעל ל-100 עורכי דין. עורכי הדין שלנו האחראים על דסק ישראל הינם בעלי הבנה עמוקה של התרבות הארגונית והמשפטית בישראל ונותנים שירות משפטי ללקוחות ישראלים ואוסטרים כאחד.

אנו מציעים ללקוחותינו הישראלים ייעוץ וייצוג משפטי מקיף הן בפעילות עסקית (מהקמה או רכישת על חברה, התנהלות מול רשויות המס ועד לפעילות עסקית שוטפת) והן בעניינים אישיים (לדוגמא-הגשת בקשה לאזרחות אוסטרית לצאצאי נרדפי המשטר הנאצי, רכישת נדל”ן, נישואין אזרחיים, אשרות שהייה ועבודה וכיוצ”ב). יחד עם שותפינו הישראלים, אנו מייעצים ללקוחותינו האוסטרים בכל נושא משפטי בישראל.

Law firm

Our firm is situated in a central location with a view to the Stephansplatz on the corner Brandstätte 6/Wildpretmarkte 2-4 in the world-famous “Zacherlhaus”.

The Zacherlhaus was designed by the Slovenian architect and Otto-Wagner disciple Josef Plecnik. It is regarded one of the architectural jewels of the First district in Vienna and was constructed in the years 1903 until 1905. Due to the building’s cultural and historical significance, it was placed under the State’s Preservation Order and is considered one of the most important works of the Otto-Wagner-School, which is exhibited in several architectural books. The over 100-year-old history of the building is preserved with love and care to the architectural details by the descendant of the former developer Johann Zacherl.

Our firm is conveniently located within immediate walking distance (one-minute walking time) to the subway line U1 and U3 located at Stephansplatz and easily accessible by car with the parking garage located at the Hof and Hohen Markt.

Hornek Hubacek Lichtenstrasser Epler
Rechtsanwälte OG

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A-1010 Wien

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E-Mail: office@hhle.at

Parking Garages

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    Am Hof 1, 1010 Wien
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  • Garage Freyung
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